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Thứ Hai, 29 tháng 1, 2018

[Introduce] [HYIP] The Gold of the Rhine

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We are presenting to you the recently opened investment project Rhinegold. This is the best project for everyone to invest and get interests at this time.

The basic daily interest rate of 1.3% with the possibility of raising to 1.5% by the eternal loyalty program.

Partnership is 6.5% for each partner's deposit.

The second referrals level was realized.
Get 1% instantly for every referral's deposit of your referral.

Minimum deposit amount is only 1$, minimum for withdrawal 0.1$.

PayPal is accepted as the guaranty of your funds.

Almost permanent bonus promotions.

Offshore (South Africa) jurisdiction.

Link to join:

My withdraw proof:

09:24 25.01.18

Receive from U16868133 +0.29 
4.73 Received Payment 0.29 USD from account U16868133. Memo: withdrawal

26.01.18 13:23

Receive Received Payment 0.79 USD from account U16868133. Memo: withdrawal

27.01.18 15:32

Receive Received Payment 1.18 USD from account U16868133 .Memo: withdrawal

28.01.18 22:29 
Receive Received Payment 1.54 USD from account U16868133. Memo: withdrawal

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